Friday, September 30, 2011

Found » YSL "hand-burnished" belt

This was one of those scenes where I turn to P and say, "Look at this," P gives it a glance, tries it on, then hands it back to me and says, "Enh."
And I buy it anyway.

The Pitch » The "Soft-Sided" Kelly

This late-1980s Hermes ad cracks me up – Great news!  Our Kelly bag is now portable!  You can fold it, roll it, or stick one inside another!  Genius!

The Story » Piazza Sempione S/S 2011

I know it seems a bit ridiculous to be posting a Spring-Summer collection at the end of September, but as I have to endure 80ºF days, I'll be pleased to do so in these wonderfully slouchy, layered neutral looks from Piazza Sempione – one of my absolute very favorite lines – every piece of which will look just as perfect all piled on top of one another when the temperature finally drops.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

This » Ohto Pieni Border Needle-Point Ballpoint Pen

Seriously, how great are these little pens?  Disregarding my disproportionate love of red and pink together – most especially in graphic configurations like, well, stripes – and my childhood affinity for Rainbow Brite – wait, I've lost my train of thought.  Whatever.  These are bright and brilliant and even better have a really, really fine point – 0.3 mm – an absolute guarantee that P and I will be constantly arguing over which belongs to whom and failing miserably at hiding them away.

($5.75 at Jet Pens)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LVS » 28.09.2011

It just so happened that everything today was thrift store – L.L. Bean broadcloth button-up, J. Crew "boy jean," and vintage Sarah Coventry necklace from the place we volunteered over the summer; vintage Coach bag and Tod's slides from the (much larger) thrift store up the road.

On The Shelf » A Bookish Nature

It would actually be an understatement to say that this is what we look like when we move – more accurate would be that this is how we live – always, anywhere, everywhere, together or apart.  The flannel shirts, too.   I think I even have those socks.  But mainly I mean the books.  Our collection drives my parents up the wall (or it would, if there were book-free wall space to climb), and that's without the entire thing ever having been in one place at one time.  Even our 14 x 14 basement studio in London overflowed with them, and I'll never openly admit to the number of clothes we left behind in order to bring them all back – twice.  Mine are usually art books – heavy-weight, glossy monstrosities that absorb the entire baggage allocation; his tend to be more scholarly, or novels, laid flat along the floor of the bag to act as padding to, well, my books.

Which is all to say, I like books and I'm going to include 'em here, and maybe help you build up your library in the process.  Really I've got them stacked all over, but here they'll be On The Shelf.  To start, anyway.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dress Code » Work Gloves

A freak gust of wind came through this evening and covered our yard in branches, so after dinner we went out and dragged them over to the scrap heap.

This » Jack Spade "Nice Parking" Cards

I've actually left post-it notes (Kate Spade ones, in fact!) to this effect.  How much easier and more convenient would it be to have a little pack all printed up?
($20 at Jack Spade)

Ladies & Gents » Bass 75th Anniversary Weejuns

Bass 75th Anniversary Weejuns

Brilliant, aren't they?  And not only to a Weejun-o-phile like myself – these pretty pennies and tassels caught the attention of both Valet and Opening Ceremony (from whence the above lovely pictures come) – so you know they're something special.  Moreover, unlike some of the other Bass collaborations of late (ahem, Mark McNairy, Rachel Antonoff, Tommy Hilfiger), both guys and gals can outfit themselves equally in red and blue.  For him, the Linwood (penny) and the Landrover (tassel); for her, the Vanessa (penny) and the Ventura (tassel).  I kind of want them all – the ladies', at least – to add to my rainbow o' loafers.  Get 'em at OC or Bass.

The Story » The Men's Book October 2011, Part 2

It hasn't been easy adjusting to country life, but the prospect of dressing like these dapper gentlemen has both myself and P pulling out and piling on all the tweeds and twills and textures we can lay our hands on, all at once.  It's going to be glorious, I tell you.  Just as soon as the temperature drops below 80ºF.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Found » Vintage Brooks Brothers Navy Blazer

Pure wool.  Made in USA.  One-button.  Notch lapel.  Hip length.  Reasonable shoulders.  Great fit.  Classic.  This will be a wear-with-all fall staple.

Friday, September 23, 2011

This » Kiehl's Eye Alert

It cools, it calms, it makes you look awake.  When P was working crazy 5am to 10pm shifts last January, this took the place of his morning cup of coffee.  Which says something, because he doesn't drink coffee.

Ladies & Gents » Navy & Red Stripes

Clean, classic, and comfortable - the perfect piece for early autumn evening walks, along with colored leaves and crisp apple cider.
(Left, Jack Spade; right, Lands' End Canvas)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dress Code » Sweater Weather

Starts tomorrow with the Autumnal Equinox, aka, the Official First Day of Fall.  Crew necks, cardigans and cables, you may start your engines.  

all images from pinterest

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exemplar » Lix Storm of "The Hour"

Lix Storm is the real deal - smart, no-nonsense, nothing to prove.  To make it in a man's world: Joanne's Treasure Hunt necklaceDunhill watch; Stella McCartney blouse; YSL trousers;  Selima Optique specsLanvin monk strap shoes.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Pitch » "An American Legacy"

In case you missed them the first go-round (and you might be young enough that it's not your fault), Coach has re-released a few select items from their archives, with quite a bit of fanfare (fronted by Gwyneth Paltrow and premiered on Net-A-Porter, no less).  It's their 70th anniversary this year, so I dipped into my archives for an ad campaign run in the early 1990s - also touting the brand's American heritage - and a different sort of celebrity.  The Classic Collection restores the Duffle (top left) in all its glory, and it's possible the Backpack (bottom right) has been around all along; otherwise the City bag can take the Spence's place (bottom left), though for my money I'd grab the Field bag (in lieu of the Kensington, top right) and fill it up with a vintage copy of The Sun Also Rises and year's supply of turrón.