Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Bass 75th Anniversary Weejuns

Brilliant, aren't they?  And not only to a Weejun-o-phile like myself – these pretty pennies and tassels caught the attention of both Valet and Opening Ceremony (from whence the above lovely pictures come) – so you know they're something special.  Moreover, unlike some of the other Bass collaborations of late (ahem, Mark McNairy, Rachel Antonoff, Tommy Hilfiger), both guys and gals can outfit themselves equally in red and blue.  For him, the Linwood (penny) and the Landrover (tassel); for her, the Vanessa (penny) and the Ventura (tassel).  I kind of want them all – the ladies', at least – to add to my rainbow o' loafers.  Get 'em at OC or Bass.

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