Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On The Shelf » A Bookish Nature

It would actually be an understatement to say that this is what we look like when we move – more accurate would be that this is how we live – always, anywhere, everywhere, together or apart.  The flannel shirts, too.   I think I even have those socks.  But mainly I mean the books.  Our collection drives my parents up the wall (or it would, if there were book-free wall space to climb), and that's without the entire thing ever having been in one place at one time.  Even our 14 x 14 basement studio in London overflowed with them, and I'll never openly admit to the number of clothes we left behind in order to bring them all back – twice.  Mine are usually art books – heavy-weight, glossy monstrosities that absorb the entire baggage allocation; his tend to be more scholarly, or novels, laid flat along the floor of the bag to act as padding to, well, my books.

Which is all to say, I like books and I'm going to include 'em here, and maybe help you build up your library in the process.  Really I've got them stacked all over, but here they'll be On The Shelf.  To start, anyway.

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