Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Pitch » Gant Swiss Woolcott

"Like all Gant shirts, Swiss Woolcott has elan in a gentlemanly manner."  What more could you possibly need to say?
(dated 1963)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LVS » 25.10.2011

Birthday outfit: J. Crew striped top & scarf, Joe's Jeans (that I wear, like, every single day), vintage Ferragamo flats and purse (which I may have promised to my mother but kind of really love myself).  Started the day with a song from my grandma, then had a lovely lunch with my parents followed by a wander through one of our favorite used bookstores with P, and wrapped up with a phone call from my best friend.  All in all, a very happy day indeed.

LVS » Champagne & Coconut Cake

Two of my favorite things.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Credo » Karl Lagerfeld

*This graphic is from either British GQ or Esquire UK but I cannot for the life of me remember which.  If you do, please do let me know.  There are few things I loath like a poor citation.

This » Uptown Downstairs Abbey for Red Nose Day 2011

Good Morning, dahhhhlings!  I hope you all had a most magnificent weekend and are looking forward to the last week of October.  P showed me this bit of brilliance from the BBC the other week, and I kind of want to watch it over and over and over.  So I am, and I encourage you to do the same.  Quite the right sort of humor for a Monday, don't you think?  Simon Cowell cracks me up.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Found » Vintage Equipment Silk Shirt

This beautiful Equipment silk shirt was one of yesterday's exciting thrift store finds, but since it seems to be a men's large I'm going to have to be a bit creative about how I wear it.  I'm thinking I'll start out with a reprise of my early-'90s grunge look, with a little more polish and a little less teen spirit.  

going grunge
Starbucks here I come!

This » Diane Von Furstenberg in the New York Times

"We have to protect the industry. To give jobs is the No. 1 responsibility for anyone today, and that’s what we have to realize.”

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Pitch » Tiffany's Sterling Silver Accessories

This ad reminds me so much of the scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's where the only thing Holly and Paul can afford is the telephone dialer (so they decide to engrave a Cracker Jack ring instead!) – I mean, really, a Tiffany tube squeezer?  I'd probably squeeze half the toothpaste out straight away just to always get to use it.  Truly though, the little perfume flask and the slide pill box would make the jumble in the bottom of my bag so very, very much more chic.  Of course I wouldn't mind the cost of silver being what it was back then either – the prices start at $13!  Of course, engraving is additional.  But I doubt I'd have trashed all of P's collar stays if they'd been monogrammed sterling silver...I guess I actually do still owe him one set, at least...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LVS » 18.10.2011 Double Denim Edition

Late this afternoon we got the opportunity to run down the street and see what we could find left among my neighbor's apple trees.  Double-denim is de rigueur here in the Southwest and there's nothing styled about what this outfit – I pulled on my jeans and sneakers and ran out the door.  And then, of course, up a tree.

LVS » 18.10.2011

This all started with the skirt – P sent me an article yesterday about pencil skirts so I wanted to wear one, but my supply in our present domicile is somewhat limited, and this J.Crew corduroy number was the closest I could get (I prefer a narrower taper).  Added a Vince denim shirt and a vintage Christian Dior tie that I loved and P won't wear – too wide, and paisley.  But I just couldn't pass it up, and I'm glad I didn't – I quite like the way the layers of color and texture turned out.  The shoes are Car Shoe drivers, and the pen in my pocket is one of my beloved Rotring Newton 600s in silver, which they no longer make (much to my dismay).

The Pitch » "Defining Style"

I can't get over the incredible cut of the jacket in this early-1990s Saks Fifth Avenue ad featuring Sonia Rykiel.  It's definitely a bit dated, but I'd still wear it.  Would you?

This » Badger Sleep Balm

Let me just say, my love for Badger Balm knows no bounds.  I have tins stashed everywhere, for everything, and back-ups waiting in the wings for whenever I run out, and this is where it all began.  I discovered it in London (of all places) during a particularly unpleasant bout of insomnia, and while I can't state with any scientific certainty that it had any medical impact, the calming combination of lavender, bergamot and rosemary (ahh! the rosemary!) definitely made the hours of lying in bed hoping for sleep much, much more pleasant.  So much so that I've been using it ever since.

Monday, October 17, 2011

LVS » 17.10.2011

Busted out some stripes to run Monday's menial errands: J.Crew top, Joe's jeans; another vintage Coach bag & random loafers from the thrift store.
What do you think of the post layout?  I'm a little embarrassed to admit that it took me a few hours to figure out how to make.  Is it worth it?

This » Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Geranium Laundry Detergent

Confession: I am one of those people who does not do laundry.  Like, ever.  I'm the buy-more-socks-and-underwear girl.  The my-jeans-can-walk-on-their-own girl.  The girl-sitting-at-the-back-of-the-classroom-wearing-her-high-school-class-t-shirt-because-it's-the-last-clean-thing-in-her-closet-and-so-what-if-it's-from-the-'90s-and-this-is-grad-school?  Ahem.  Sorry.  I got carried away on that last one.  But you get the point.
I do, however, hand wash.  Instead of laundry.  Cheaper, less schlepping, no risk of anyone taking your stuff out and dumping it on the floor of the dorm basement, etc.  Often instead of dry cleaning as well.  All my wool/cashmere/mohair/cotton knits, all of my cotton shirting, almost everything that I've managed to drip coffee on: into the sink.*  With this, my favorite detergent.  Then wrap in towels or lay flat to dry, and voilà: clean clothes.
It's so easy, I can do it in my sleep.  And I do.

*Not silk, not lined tweed-type blazers.  Not anything I'm worried I'll ruin.  But just about everything else, really.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

This » Gray Flannel Footwear

Cozy. Cool. Comfortable. Perfect for (yet another) lazy Sunday. TOMS x The Row at Neiman Marcus

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heritage » Tidying My Vanity

{Perfume bottles and clip earrings on an antique mirrored tray}

{A pile of real and faux pearls and a favorite red lipstick waiting to be put away}

{Bone china cup-and-saucer catch-all with a vintage linen napkin}

{Vintage bandanas and my Great-great-aunt's spectacles}

Very much a work in progress, the corners you don't see here are probably stacked with unworn clothes, crusty coffee mugs, whatever book I just finished plus the one I started and didn't get through, and undoubtedly a lipstick or 20.  I'm trying though – I've got heaps of inspiration over at Pinterest, and the little sections you see above are standing strong.  What about you – do you have a dressing table?  Do you manage to keep it tidy?

The Pitch » Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni

Look at that crazy spread collar – can you even imagine wearing something like that these days? I have to admit, I'm quite a fan of the knit-sweater-blazer-thing – the better to wrap up in, don't you think?

Credo » Coco Chanel

"An interior is the natural projection of one's soul, and Balzac was right in giving it the same importance as dress."

Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Don't You...

...Let yourself get carried away this weekend?

photo by the brilliant Geof Kern 

Exemplar » Faces

Willie Nelson (78), top, and Louise Bourgeois (98), both photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Yesterday I posted this photo of my grandmother, in honor of her 93rd birthday, to both this blog and my Instagram account, where Megan of Beach Bungalow 8 left the loveliest comment, with which I completely and totally agree:
 "There's a time, on a face, where wrinkles become deeply imbedded 'life' – and it's simply beautiful.  May we all live to have these 'wrinkles.'"
So I thought I'd share a couple more of my favorite – lived in – faces.  Aren't they stunning?  Do you feel your face tells your story?

Found » Vintage Christian Dior Shadbelly Morning Coat

Ok, now, I know it's a little ridiculous – this style of jacket is incredibly formal, somewhat antiquated, and, oh yeah, largely the province of the men standing toward the front of the room during daylight weddings – but I don't care.  It's awesome and I love it and I can't wait to wear it.  Incidentally, I'm pretty sure it is an ex-wedding garment, given that there happened to be six (maybe seven?) others just like it hanging on the rack at the thrift store this afternoon, all in very specific sizes: this is a 37R, and I grabbed the 39R for P (in case we ever either get married or get our synth-pop art-rock Peter Gabriel-era Genesis tribute band Steeplechase back together); there was also a 39XL, a 44 XL, something like a 40S and a few more I've forgotten.  Which means if you're at adept with a Moog synthesizer or an electric harp – or simply looking for some serious vintage formalwear – give me a shout on twitter or leave a comment and I'll head back over to my friendly local thrift store and see about hooking you up.*

*Seriously.  I will.  Just get in touch.  Lovely things deserve lovely homes.

This » Trish McEvoy Even Skin Glycolic Wash

It's no small thing for me to stick with a single product for over a decade, especially when it's something to do with skincare and that decade happened to be my late-teens–twenties – not always the easiest era in face-time. This wash, however, is one for the ages. I will cry if it is ever discontinued and probably buy up as many bottles as I can so as never to be without it; I already buy two at a time to keep from running out. I love it because it's a chemical exfoliant so it has a more uniform effect than a scrub and I can use it regardless of what's going on with my face. And I really do look more glowy for it. P has also come to love it, and uses it on the days he shaves (every 3 or so). He typically looks more glowy as well.

*Do note that while I love this wash to death, as a chemical glycolic acid may not agree with every skin type – talk to your dermatologist or try a sample (on a small patch of skin!) before you buy, don't exfoliate too frequently, and make sure you purchase from a place with a good return policy for opened products. I've linked to Nordstrom because they will absolutely take it back if it doesn't work for you, but I usually get mine from Neiman's during their Beauty Event and have never had a problem making a return there either.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Pitch » Dressed & Well Dressed

I forget when exactly this '80s Bally ad is from, but I'm not really sure it matters because I would absolutely still wear every single thing in this picture.  The tweed blazer?  Obviously.  Whatever the pleated thing is?  Pants-skirt-jacket-blouse – I'm on board.  Equestrian scarves go without saying, and the tray at the top my as well be off my own vanity.  Most of all though, the boots.  I have dreams about these boots.  They are flat.  They are tall.  They are ostrich.  They are nothing short of perfection and exactly what I want to wear every day for the rest of my life.  That is all.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

LVS » 09.10.2011

Solid Sunday lay-about clothes: woven scarf, Woolrich John Rich & Bros. flannel shirt, red TOMS.  Everybody ready for one more day of weekend?

Credo » Victoria Holt

"I've always thought you've got to believe in luck to get it."

Saturday, October 8, 2011

LVS » 08.10.2011

Finally a chill in the air, which meant P couldn't get warm so we ran out for hot chocolate (and cat food).  I found this vintage cape a couple weeks ago and wasn't even going to wear it today, but when nothing else looked right P suggested I throw it on so we could hurry up and go.  No-name (but union made!) houndstooth cape worn with oversize Banana Republic button-up, Joe's Jeans, vintage Bass Weejuns and a vintage Coach bag.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Story » Alexander McQueen Winter 2008 by Jean-Philippe Delhomme

I just saw this post on the Barney's blog and, being a bit obsessed with old advertisements and fashion illustration, immediately had to find out more.  No surprise, Jean-Philippe Delhomme is kind of a genius  (obvious understatement) with a remarkable body of work.  His paintings of the runway at McQueen took my breath away.

Found » Bally Brogues

This was another one of those "I don't care if you're on the fence, I'm buying them anyway" thrift store exchanges between myself and P.  So what if the soles are shot – they can be resoled.  They feel a bit big?  You're not wearing socks.  They're all of $9?  And yet you're still arguing with me?

The Pitch » Lands' End Chinos

So much information in one little ad from the 1980s.  These days though I'd probably go with the Slim Slouch Chinos from Lands' End Canvas.

This » Sonia Rykiel & Alber Elbaz by Stephen Campbell

How brilliant are Stephen Campbell's stitched portraits of these two incredible – and incredibly distinctive – designers?  So brilliant.  

This » Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Upstate Blazer

Two words: The. Pockets.  That is all.  €397 at Woolrich John Rich & Bros.

Or pick up the plaid version at Wharf Clothing & Wares.  That is, if you're brave enough.