Friday, October 14, 2011

Found » Vintage Christian Dior Shadbelly Morning Coat

Ok, now, I know it's a little ridiculous – this style of jacket is incredibly formal, somewhat antiquated, and, oh yeah, largely the province of the men standing toward the front of the room during daylight weddings – but I don't care.  It's awesome and I love it and I can't wait to wear it.  Incidentally, I'm pretty sure it is an ex-wedding garment, given that there happened to be six (maybe seven?) others just like it hanging on the rack at the thrift store this afternoon, all in very specific sizes: this is a 37R, and I grabbed the 39R for P (in case we ever either get married or get our synth-pop art-rock Peter Gabriel-era Genesis tribute band Steeplechase back together); there was also a 39XL, a 44 XL, something like a 40S and a few more I've forgotten.  Which means if you're at adept with a Moog synthesizer or an electric harp – or simply looking for some serious vintage formalwear – give me a shout on twitter or leave a comment and I'll head back over to my friendly local thrift store and see about hooking you up.*

*Seriously.  I will.  Just get in touch.  Lovely things deserve lovely homes.

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