Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heritage » Tidying My Vanity

{Perfume bottles and clip earrings on an antique mirrored tray}

{A pile of real and faux pearls and a favorite red lipstick waiting to be put away}

{Bone china cup-and-saucer catch-all with a vintage linen napkin}

{Vintage bandanas and my Great-great-aunt's spectacles}

Very much a work in progress, the corners you don't see here are probably stacked with unworn clothes, crusty coffee mugs, whatever book I just finished plus the one I started and didn't get through, and undoubtedly a lipstick or 20.  I'm trying though – I've got heaps of inspiration over at Pinterest, and the little sections you see above are standing strong.  What about you – do you have a dressing table?  Do you manage to keep it tidy?

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