Monday, November 14, 2011

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Ladies' & Gents': Vests
While the last two ads may have depicted men, the vest is very much a gender-neutral garment, and to prove it I've put together one outfit that incorporates the puffy and the tweed vest, and is comprised of pieces that are available for both boys and girls.  I know, it's a little overwhelming (especially since I went a little crazy with the arrows & they might not all make perfect sense) but here's how it works:
  1/button-up shirt + 2/tweed vest + 3/jeans + 4/navy blazer + 5/desert boots + 6/outerwear vest

Piece o' cake.  But then I'm a vest person.  Any others out there?

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  1. This is such a perfect post. I'm also a vest person but I'm currently not in possession of a nice one sadly. So glad you share my obsession with menswear!