Monday, November 7, 2011

LVS » 7.11.2011

Some days it's all about the details.  I found this incredible herringbone blazer at the thrift store last week and couldn't be more excited about it – the fabric and construction are incredible, exactly as one would expect from a custom, hand tailored garment.  Of course, it wasn't hand tailored for me, but a girl gets over these things...see that gold stitching around the label?  It continues all along the inside edge of the liner.  And yes, someone else's name is embroidered on the inside pocket, but look at the line of that pocket (also, um, inside pockets?  I'm kind of a sucker and they're all too infrequent in women's jackets).  With a couple sparkly brooches and a complimentary zebra bag, I have to say, I'm feeling quite pleased with the whole thing.

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