Friday, November 4, 2011

The Story » Geof Kern for Neiman Marcus, The Art of Fashion, 1995

Twice every year Neiman Marcus puts together these amazing spreads called The Art of Fashion showcasing the most beautiful bits of the Fall & Spring collections shot by the best of the best photographers (the current edition trains Norma Jean Roy's lens on Drew Barrymore). Which means twice every year I find myself drooling by the postbox in a Pavlovian frenzy waiting not-at-all patiently for The Book to arrive. And I've been doing it diligently for the past sixteen years.

Why on earth? Because in September of 1995 I had a subscription to Harper's Bazaar - then under the editorship of the extraordinary Liz Tilberis - and that month the magazine contained an incredible, 29-page Cinderella-story about a mannequin who escaped her window for a brief stint at a fabulous estate - where she naturally had the chance to try on all of the season's best designer fare.

It was the fourth installment in the Art of Fashion series, and it was epic. And I got hooked.  Can you blame me?

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