LVS: Posts in which I personally feature prominently – so far this is mainly outfits and "about" bits.

Heritage: The people, places, and things around me that shape my life and style.

Dress Code: The pieces that occupy prime real estate in my closet – the items most active in my rotation – the things I buy over and over again; commonly referred to as "classics/staples/basics/must-haves" – this is what they really are and how I really wear 'em, day-in and day-out.

Found: A showcase for the wacky and wonderful treasures I encounter from day to day.

The Pitch: The power of advertising, more often than not sourced from my own archive of ephemera.

The Story: The fashion shows & spreads I can't get out of my head.

Exemplar: They've got style, yes they do – the ones who wear it well (whether gray flannel or otherwise).

Credo: Words of wisdom (most of the time).

Ladies' & Gents': Equal opportunity fashion.  Or couples' clothing.  Whichever you prefer.

On the Shelf: Books are good and you should read them.  These are highlights (and fan favorites) from my own collection.

This: Whatever else I happen to find around the world (and its wide web) that cries out for sharing.  Basically, a catchall.

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